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ROMS North Atlantic PRS PIs Team Meeting

19-20 March 2009

ATT -- Room 4

School for Marine Science and Technology

200 Mill Road, Fairhaven MA 02179

1230       Lunch will be provided

1300       Welcome, Introductions & Why We're Here

1315        Project summary: Climate Forcing of Calanus finmarchicus Populations of the North Atlantic (Dennis McGillicuddy)

                       html              ppt

1345        Project summary: The Effect of Varying Freshwater Inputs on Regional Ecosystems in the North Atlantic (Avijit Gangopadhyay)

                       html              ppt

1405        Status of Low Resolution ROMS:  Climatological low-resolution ROMS North Atlantic Simulation (Julia Levin)

                       html              ppt

1420        Status of High Resolution ROMS: Arctic-North Atlantic High Resolution Model (Ayan Chaudhuri)

                       html              ppt

1435        Coffee Break

1500        Status of Biological Modeling:  Incorporating CoSiNE into ROMS (The Official Version?) (Fei Chai)

                       html             ppt              pdf

1520        Other Talks:  Genetic Evidence of Basin-Scale Population Dynamics of Calanus finmarchicus in the North Atlantic Ocean (Ebru Unal)

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1540        Other Talks??

1615        Model Validation pathways -- where, what and how? Data needs.           

1645        Adjourn

1830        Meet at Davy's Locker for Dinner

Participants:   Dennis McGuillicuddy, Julia Levin, Dale Haidvogel, Enrique Curcester, Fei Chai, Avijit Gangopadhya, Ann Bucklin, Ayan Chaudhuri, Jim Bisagni, Peter Wiebe, and Keston Smith.