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Pan-Regional Synthesis

Pan-Regional Synthesis Calanus Life Histories Group, Workshop 2
Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Portland, ME
May 4-5, 2009

Monday, May 4 - Modeling

09:00   Andy Leising
            The Calanus model: 101
            pdf (password protected)

11:00   Andy Pershing
            Copepod modeling for fun & profit
            pdf (password protected)

12:00   Lunch

13:00   Fred Maps
            Modeling the population dynamics of Calanus finmarchicus in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada
            pdf (password protected)

14:00   Discussion
Modeling questions, identification of needs and planning.

16:30   End at GMRI

19:00   Off-site Lobster social.

Tuesday, May 5 - Data synthesis

08:30   Jamie Pierson
            Data: Needs, Wants, Haves, and Synthesis
            pdf (password protected)

09:30   Jeff Runge
            Western Gulf of Maine fixed station sampling: 2003-2007
            pdf (password protected)

10:00   Stephane Plourde (presented by JR)
            What can we learn about mortality and survival of Calanus finmarchicus from monitoring data?
            pdf (password protected)

10:30   Dave Kimmel
            Synoptic Climatology
            pdf (password protected)

11:15   Peter Wiebe

1200   Lunch

1300   Discussion
           Data synthesis planning/next steps/workshop write-ups

17:00   End

Workshop outcomes

  • 1. Consensus on working IBM model for C. finmarchicus/C. pacificus
  • 2. Listing of next questions to address with models
  • 3. Identification of regions to apply models
  • 4. Identification of and tasking for next steps for collaboration with other pan regional projects,
    including mutual data needs
  • 5. List and author tasks of project related research papers achievable in the next 12 months
  • 6. Outline and tasking for synthesis paper(s): what format, how to organize?
  • 7. Listing of research and data needs related to modeling efforts and next steps for acquiring
    needed data
pdf (password protected)