U.S. GLOBEC Pan-Regional Synthesis Workshop

27-30 November 2006
NCAR Center Green Facility, Boulder CO

Presentations and Working Group Reports

First Pan-Regional Synthesis Workshop Report (DRAFT)

The U.S. GLOBEC National Coordinating Office announces the first U.S. GLOBEC Pan-Regional Synthesis Workshop to be held 27-30 November 2006 in Boulder CO. The registration deadline has been changed to November 10th, 2006. Please make your hotel reservations soon because each hotel has a cutoff date to receive the group rate.

The goals of the Workshop are:
  • To familiarize attendees with the status of the three regional programs as a basis for planning inter-regional US GLOBEC synthesis,
  • To define pan-regional synthesis in the US GLOBEC context, and
  • To establish the expected outcomes of the Pan-Regional Synthesis phase to enable the US GLOBEC Scientific Steering Committee to formulate future calls for pan-regional synthesis activities.

The Workshop will be held at the Center Green facility of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (http://www.ncar.ucar.edu/) beginning at 16:00 hours on Monday, 27 November 2006 and concluding at 15:00 hours on Thursday, 30 November 2006.

A draft agenda for the workshop is available here.

All are welcome to attend the Workshop. Young investigators wishing to become familiar with, and involved in, the Synthesis and Modeling phase of U.S. GLOBEC are particularly encouraged to attend. Limited travel funds will be available through the U.S. GLOBEC Office.

You may register your intention to attend the Pan-Regional Synthesis Workshop here.

For a list of currently registered users click here.

Logistical information on local-area hotels may be found here.

Inquiries concerning the workshop, including the availability of travel support, may be directed to Ms Linda Lagle.

As background to the workshop and its discussions, please review the synthesis plans for GLOBEC International and U.S. GLOBEC.