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  1. Contribution Number: 579  Edit/Update
    Authors: Cross, Alison D., David A. Beauchamp, Katherine W. Myers and Jamal H. Moss
    Date: 2008
    Title: Early marine growth of pink salmon in Prince William Sound and the coastal Gulf of Alaska during years of low and high survival
    Journal: Transactions of the American Fisheries Society
    Volume: 137     Pages: 927-939
    Status: Published
    Contact Email:
  2. Contribution Number: 354  Edit/Update
    Authors: Brodeur, R.D., J.P. Fisher, Y. Ueno, K. Nagasawa, and W.G Pearcy
    Date: 2002
    Title: An east-west comparison of the Transition Zone coastal pelagic nekton of the North Pacific Ocean
    Journal: Journal of Oceanography
    Volume: 59     Pages: 415-434
    Status: Published
  3. Contribution Number: 495  Edit/Update
    Authors: Mackas, D. L., A. Thomas, P. T. Strub, and V. Montecino
    Title: Eastern ocean boundaries - pan regional overview
    Publication/Issue Title: The Global Coastal Ocean: Interdisciplinary Regional Studies and Syntheses. The Sea Harvard University Press., Chapter 2
    Volume: 14
  4. Contribution Number: 594  Edit/Update
    Authors: Litz, Marisa N. C., Robert L. Emmett, Selina S. Heppell, and Richard D. Brodeur
    Date: 2008
    Title: Ecology and distribution of the northern subpopulation of northern anchovy (Engraulis mordax) off the U.S. West Coast
    Type: Report
    Publication/Issue Title: CalCOFI Reports
    Volume: 49     Pages: 167-182
    Status: Published
    Link: PDF
    Contact Email:
  5. Contribution Number: 94  Edit/Update
    Authors: Sieracki, M. E., D. J. Gifford, S. M. Gallager, and C. S. Davis
    Date: 1998
    Title: Ecology of a Chaetoceros socialis lauder patch on Georges Bank: distribution, microbial associations, and grazing losses.
    Journal: Oceanography
    Volume: 11(1)     Pages: 30-35
    Status: Published
  6. Contribution Number: 298  Edit/Update
    Authors: Batchelder, H. P., M. Kashiwai
    Date: 2007
    Title: Ecosystem Modeling with NEMURO within the PICES Climate Change and Carrying Capacity Program
    Journal: Ecological Modelling
    Volume: 202     Pages: 7-11
    Status: Published
    Contact Email:
  7. Contribution Number: 748  Edit/Update
    Authors: Collie, Jeremy, Louis Botsford, Alan Hastings, Isaac Kaplan, John Largier, Paticia Livingston, Eva Plaganyi, Kenneth Rose, Brian Wells, Francisco Werner
    Date: 2014
    Title: Ecosystem models for fisheries management: finding the sweet spot
    Publication/Issue Title: Fish and Fisheries
    Status: In Press
    Contact Email:
  8. Contribution Number: 93  Edit/Update
    Authors: Bisagni, J. and P.E. Smith
    Date: 1998
    Title: Eddy-induced flow of Scotian Shelf water across the Northeast Channel, Gulf of Maine
    Journal: Continental Shelf Research
    Volume: 18 (5)     Pages: 515-539
    Status: Published
  9. Contribution Number: 204  Edit/Update
    Authors: Petersen, W.T. and J.E. Keister
    Date: 2002
    Title: The effect of a large cape on distribution patterns of coastal & oceanic copepods off oregon and N. California during the 1998-1999 El Nino-La Nina
    Journal: Progress in Oceanography
    Publication/Issue Title: Special Issue
    Volume: 53 (2-4)     Pages: 389-411
    Status: Published
  10. Contribution Number: 432  Edit/Update
    Authors: Niehoff, B.
    Date: 2004
    Title: The effect of food limitation on gonad development and egg production of the planktonic copepod Calanus finmarchicus
    Journal: Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology
    Volume: 307(2)     Pages: 237-259
    Status: Published

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