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  1. Contribution Number: 72  Edit/Update
    Authors: Bisagni, J.J., J.E. O"Reilly, A.H. Bernard and C.M. Wolfteich
    Date: 1997
    Title: Determination of optimum aerosol optical thickness ratios for atmospheric correction of CZCS data In the Georges Bank-Gulf of Maine region
    Journal: Continental Shelf Research
    Volume: 17     Pages: 635-654
    Status: Published
  2. Contribution Number: 541  Edit/Update
    Authors: Lavery, Andone C., Peter H. Wiebe, Timothy K. Stanton, Gareth L. Lawson, mark C. Benfield, and Nancy Copley
    Date: 2007
    Title: Determining dominant scatterers of sound in mixed zooplankton populations
    Publication/Issue Title: Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
    Volume: 122(6)     Pages: 3304-3326
    DOI Number: 10.1121/1.2793613
    Status: Published
    Contact Email:
  3. Contribution Number: 322  Edit/Update
    Authors: Lough, R. Gregory, Elisabeth A. Broughton
    Date: 2006
    Title: Development of micro-scale frequency distributions of plankton for inclusion in foraging models of larval fish, results from a Video Plankton Recorder
    Journal: Journal of Plankton Research
    Volume: 29(1)     Pages: 7-17
    DOI Number: 10.1093/plankt/fbl055
    Status: Published
    Contact Email:
  4. Contribution Number: 490  Edit/Update
    Authors: Slater, L.M. and R.R. Hopcroft
    Date: 2005
    Title: Development, growth, and egg production of Centropages abdominalis in the subarctic Pacific
    Journal: Journal of Plankton Research
    Volume: 27     Pages: 71-78
    Status: Published
    Contact Email:
  5. Contribution Number: 36  Edit/Update
    Authors: Moloney, C.L., L.W. Botsford and J.L. Largier
    Date: 1994
    Title: Development, survival and timing of metamorphosis of planktonic larvae in a variable environment: the dungeness crab as an example.
    Journal: Marine Ecology Progress Series
    Volume: 113     Pages: 61-79
    Status: Published
  6. Contribution Number: 488  Edit/Update
    Authors: Runge, J.A., P.J.S. Franks, W.C. Gentleman, B.A. Megrey, K.A. Rose, F.E. Werner and B. Zakardjian
    Title: Diagnosis and prediction of variability in secondary production and fish recruitment processes: developments in physical-biological modelling
    Type: Chapter
    Publication/Issue Title: In the Sea, TheGlobal Coastal Ocean: Multi-Scale Interdisciplinary Processes, The Sea Harvard University Press (Robinson AR, Brink KH, editors)
    Volume: 13     Pages: 413-473
    Status: Published
    Contact Email:
  7. Contribution Number: 353  Edit/Update
    Authors: Houghton, R.W
    Date: 2002
    Title: Diapycnal flow through a tidal front: a dye tracer study on Georges Bank
    Journal: Journal of Marine Systems
    Volume: 37 (1-3)     Pages: 31-46
    Status: Published
  8. Contribution Number: 168  Edit/Update
    Authors: Houghton, R.W. and C. Ho
    Date: 2001
    Title: Diapycnal flow through the Georges Bank tidal front: A dye tracer study
    Journal: Geophysical Research Letters
    Volume: 28 (1)     Pages: 33-36
    Status: Published
  9. Contribution Number: 367  Edit/Update
    Authors: Gregory-Eaves, I., J.P. Smol, M.S.V. Douglas and B.P. Finney
    Date: 2003
    Title: Diatoms and sockeye salmon (Oncorhyncus nerka) population dynamics: Reconstructions of salmon-derived nutrients
    Journal: Journal of Paleolimnology
    Volume: 30     Pages: 35-53
    Status: Published
  10. Contribution Number: 512  Edit/Update
    Authors: Auth, Toby D., Richard D. Brodeur, and Kathleen M. Fisher
    Date: 2007
    Title: Diel variation in vertical distribution of an offshore ichthyoplankton community off the Oregon coast
    Journal: Fishery Bulletin
    Volume: 105     Pages: 313-326
    Status: Published
    Contact Email:

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