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  1. Contribution Number: 249  Edit/Update
    Authors: Miller, C.B., J.A. Crain and N.H. Marcus
    Date: 2005
    Title: Seasonal variation of male-type antennular setation in female Calanus finmarchicus
    Journal: Marine Ecology Progress Series
    Volume: 301     Pages: 217-229
    DOI Number: 10.3354/meps301217
    Status: Published
  2. Contribution Number: 540  Edit/Update
    Authors: Miller, Todd W., Richard D. Brodeur
    Date: 2007
    Title: Diets of and trophic relationships among dominant marine nekton within the Northern California Current ecosystem
    Journal: Fishery Bulletin
    Volume: 105     Pages: 548-559
    Status: Published
    Contact Email:
  3. Contribution Number: 584  Edit/Update
    Authors: Miller, Todd W., Richard D. Brodeur, Greg H. Rau
    Date: 2008
    Title: Carbon stable isotopes reveal relative contribution of shelf-slope production to the Northern California Current pelagic community
    Journal: Limnology and Oceanography
    Volume: 53(4)     Pages: 1493-1503
    Status: Published
    Contact Email:
  4. Contribution Number: 740  Edit/Update
    Authors: Milliff, Ralph F., Jerome Fiechter, William B. Leeds, Radu Herbei, Christopher K. Wikle, Mevin B. Hooten, Andrew M. Moore, Thomas M. Powell and Jeremiah Brown
    Date: 2013
    Title: Uncertainty Management in Coupled Physical-Biological Lower Trophic Level Ocean Ecosystem Models
    Journal: Oceanography
    Publication/Issue Title: Special Issue on US GLOBEC: Understanding Climate Impacts on Marine Ecosystems
    Volume: 26
    Status: In Press
    Contact Email:
  5. Contribution Number: 639  Edit/Update
    Authors: Moffat, Carlos, Breck Owens, Robert C. Beardsley
    Date: 2009
    Title: On the characteristics of Circumpolar Deep Water intrusions to the west Antarctic Peninsula Continental Shelf
    Journal: Journal of Geophysical Research - Ocean (JGR - Ocean)
    Volume: 114(C5)     Pages: C05017
    DOI Number: 10.1029/2008JC004955
    Status: Published
    Contact Email:
  6. Contribution Number: 538  Edit/Update
    Authors: Moffat, Carlos, Robert C. Beardsley, Breck Owens, Nicole van Lipzig
    Date: 2007
    Title: A first description of the Antarctic Peninsula Coastal Coastal Current
    Journal: Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography
    Volume: 55     Pages: 277-293
    DOI Number: 10.1016/j.dsr2.2007.10.003
    Status: Published
    Link: PDF
    Contact Email:
  7. Contribution Number: 68  Edit/Update
    Authors: Moloney, C. and M.J. Gibbons
    Date: 1996
    Title: Sampling and analysis of gut contents in relation to environmental variability and diel vertical migration by herbivorous zooplankton.
    Journal: Journal of Plankton Research
    Volume: 18 (9)     Pages: 1535-1556
    Status: Published
  8. Contribution Number: 39  Edit/Update
    Authors: Moloney, C. L. and P. G. Ryan
    Date: 1995
    Title: Antarctic marine food webs
    Type: Other
    Publication/Issue Title: Encyclopedia of Environmental Biology
    Volume: 1     Pages: 53-69
    Status: Published
  9. Contribution Number: 36  Edit/Update
    Authors: Moloney, C.L., L.W. Botsford and J.L. Largier
    Date: 1994
    Title: Development, survival and timing of metamorphosis of planktonic larvae in a variable environment: the dungeness crab as an example.
    Journal: Marine Ecology Progress Series
    Volume: 113     Pages: 61-79
    Status: Published
  10. Contribution Number: 494  Edit/Update
    Authors: Montecino, V., P. T. Strub, F. Chavez, A. Thomas, J. Tarazona, and T. Baumgartner
    Date: 2005
    Title: Bio-physical interactions off western South America
    Type: Chapter
    Publication/Issue Title: The Global Coastal Ocean: Interdisciplinary Regional Studies and Syntheses. The Sea Harvard University Press, chapter 10
    Volume: 14
    Status: Published
    Contact Email:

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